February 14, 2021

The Best Nest

My third book entitled ‘The Best Nest’ is now available to buy on Amazon. The book is centered around two birds who try to outdo each other in their efforts to build the best nest. After disaster strikes, a wise owl makes them realise that having the biggest, fanciest nest isn’t the key to happiness. It’s a funny, heartwarming tale, and I had lots of fun drawing the characters for this one. I particularly liked adding expressions to the birds faces. There’s one particular expression on one of the birds faces which made my kids laugh when I read it to them – you’ll have to guess which it is (clue – it’s jaw dropping).

I used Adobe Fresco on an iPad Pro to create all 24 illustrations for this book. In this timelapse video you’ll see glimpses of the animals in different poses appearing here and there, that’s because I import them from a different illustration so I can colour sample them to get consistent colours throughout the book.