January 6, 2023

Ready Steady SAIL! wins in two categories at the 2022 Royal Dragonfly Awards

Story Monsters LLC recently announced the winners of the 2022 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. The annual awards is a global competition that honours excellence in literature across 71 different categories. My book ‘Ready Steady SAIL!’ was given an honourable mention in the ‘picture books 6 & older’ category and achieved 2nd place in the ‘Humour’ category.

I guess you could compare ‘Ready Steady SAIL!’ to ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’, in that a slow animal (a hedgehog in this case) and a quick animal (the squirrel) have a race, but the end is much more satisfying, and the story is much funnier too. The squirrel is determined to win the boat race and takes no breaks to get further ahead, whereas the hedgehog takes a more scenic route, island hopping, trying the local cuisine and making memories. We learn an important lesson along the way too.

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