My children’s books

Here are my children’s books, available to buy from Amazon:

I Am a Shell

Red ribbon winner in the 2022 Wishing Shelf Book Awards
Home to a sea snail and then a hermit crab, a conch shell is then left lying empty and abandoned. The shell accidentally embarks on an adventure which brings new friends, unaware that its hidden talent will save the day.

I Am a Stone

Finalist in the 2022 Wishing Shelf Book Awards
After spending countless years lying on a riverbed, a small stone is plucked from the water by a little girl and taken on a great adventure. A humorous, rhyming tale full of fun and surprises.

Ready Steady SAIL!

Winner in 2 categories at the 2022 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards
Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards 2022 (children’s fiction)
Finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Awards 2022 (children’s adventure category)
It’s Squirrel versus Hedgehog in the race to the three islands. Squirrel is focused on the race, taking no rests to get further ahead, whereas Hedgehog lives life at a leisurely pace, stopping at each island to take in the scenery and make memories. Who do you think will win?

The Best Nest: A Tale of Roosting Rivalry

Shortlisted for a Selfies Children’s Book Award 2022
Two birds try to outdo each other in their efforts to build the best nest. After disaster strikes, a wise owl makes them realise that having the biggest, fanciest nest isn’t the key to happiness. A funny, heartwarming tale.

Tom’s Zombie Fright

Silver medal winner in the 2020 Wishing Shelf Book Awards.
Tom loves his new zombie video game so much that he plays it for hours every day. One night when a zombie dream disturbs his sleep, he creeps downstairs to play the game again, but he gets more than he bargained for! A tale that’s funny and hair-raising in equal measure.

Wish Upon a Shooting Star

Finalist in the 2018 Wishing Shelf Book Awards.
Lorna sees a shooting star and wishes she had a friend who could see it with her. Later that night she finds a puppy in the snow. She covers the puppy with a blanket and leaves him some food. The next morning the puppy has disappeared but she finds a note which tells her she saved a very special puppy and that she’s invited to a ball as a thank-you. Why was the puppy so special? You’ll have to join Lorna on her adventure to find out!